Lessons in happiness

I love the fact that when you set a goal, when you set an intention, the world, the universe, people and actions all conspire to make it happen.


Setting my goals yesterday to be ‘Happy’ only ones, and already, the cogs turned to help me on my way. A forgotten present arrived this afternoon from one of my most close and trusted friends, and interestingly one who doesn’t read my blog, doesn’t do social media and so had no idea as to my intention.


It was a book and a bracelet.  The bracelet had a charm of a tree.  A sign to me, to remind me to stay grounded, firmly with my roots, but also to keep growing, and reaching higher, spreading my branches wider.


But is the book… the book that made my heart sing and believe even more in the power of intention and the magic that ensues…   It is bright yellow, sunshine yellow.  And it is called…. ‘Get Happy’!  Each day there is a passage or a quote on how to get happy.  120 lessons on how to find lasting happiness.


Today’s lesson was a reminder that happiness only comes from things you need, not necessarily from what you want.  After a run through the muddy fields today, in the welcome freezing fresh air, I needed a long drink but also a hot shower.  A basic need that was so appreciated as the hot water soothed my skin and achy limbs.


Now the book made me smile and feel happy with gratitude, but as I was packing my bags for Africa, panicking I had too much, my blond bestie texted me to say ‘you barely need anything and happiness can do the washing’…. Happiness? Happiness does washing?!  I do have a basic need to live in clean clothes and I appreciate my washing machine daily, especially with 3 boys/ men… but to have someone else to relieve me of duties for a week?


Now that is Happiness Appreciated with a capital H and A on purpose as a nod to the power of the universal law of attraction.


The basic root of happiness lies in our minds; outer circumstances are nothing more than adverse of favourable’ Matthiew Ricard from the book of ‘get happy’.




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