Joy Filled…

In a day when I thought there would be none, I found some.


The first card I opened and the words ‘Joy’ emblazoned across it.


As I made the scrambled eggs, I knocked my little elf ‘Joy’ from her perch.


Once the frenzy of present opening had died down, and the mass exodus to find wellies and coats, I found the time and peace to open my first present and it was ‘The Book of Joy’.


Despite my inner turmoil and desperately sad head, the universe was reminding me to find some and to keep looking for it, no matter how hard it was and emotional I was feeling.


And as I get in to bed, I realise the day started with it and a little whisper in my ear at 5am, ‘Do you think he has been?’ and a wriggly body and little arm flung over my neck;  ‘Do you think I should go and check?’  Willy’s joyful excitement and wonder creeping in to my sleepy consciousness.


And as I get in to bed, I realise the day was littered with moments of joy;  the boys in silly hats, their shaking and dancing delight over magnets and fibre tip pens in their stockings;  a surprise visit from a friend bearing gifts; finding all the cousins hiding in Willy’s den, happy painting their faces with war paint; a walk to the pub to find it full of honest, lovely, genuine friends; preparing the meal with my mother and sister in law, all in sync from the years of love and mutual respect; moments of calm and truce with the Big Man after allowing the brewing storm to manifest; kissing the soft, silky skin of very tired boys.


And as I get in to bed, I realise the day ended with it as I read the words from my book of joy,


“Every Day is a new opportunity to begin again.  Every day is your birthday.”


Rather apt for Christmas Day, the most famous birthday of all.


And a reminder to myself to see tomorrow as a new opportunity to begin again, and the next day and the next day and forever more, to make each one more joy filled than the one before.






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