Writing the next chapter

I have always loved research.  Books.  Libraries.  Words.


Writing essays at uni on a topic I was interested in, I would spend weeks gathering as much information as possible, notes upon pages of notes.  And then at some point, after reading enough, key themes would appear and that’s when the story, the essay framework would start to fall together.


I feel like I am on that journey again now.  I am researching.  Fact finding.  Gathering all the information.  Making copious notes in books, my laptop, my phone…


In a day where I have turned off my emotions and the noise, I was able to focus more on building my strength in order to be able to tackle how to write the next chapter of my life.


I started following one avenue of research, asking questions, making mental notes, following up on leads…  letting the results of the investigation and exploration sink in.


And then I changed tack, took a different perspective, saw things from a different angle.. and started to scrutinize other’s research, analysis and assessment.  It was highly fascinating, thought provoking with many questions that are worth exploring.


Being armed with information, despite more questions to be considered, I feel less weak, less vulnerable.


The shaping of a ‘straw man’ for the next chapter is looking promising.


One step at a time….





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