World peace…

I heard two brilliant quotes today.  I have written them down and added them to my little pile of inspirational quotes I flip over daily.


‘If you find yourself having run out of goals, then you are being purely selfish; start thinking about how you can help others in the world.’


This was in response to another quote by Anne Frank, ‘How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.’


The conversation sent a little frisson of a shiver down my spine.


It was the realisation of how simple those words are and how they resonate such truth.


With Dobby the critic in my mind reminding me that I am living a more than comfortable life and then questioning why I work so hard, strive to have, do, be more, when I could just relax and coast…  this just arms my cheer leading Snow White with the biggest gun power to blow that to smithereens.


If I am content as I am, not bothered about creating more, being or doing more for myself, then do it, be it or create it for someone else who isn’t or can’t.


The discussion was around Haiti and the hundreds of people affected not only by long term poverty, but now by acts of God that destroy the very little they do have – taking their homes and their families.


It opens up the realms of possibility and of what one person can do, if they decide, as Anne Frank so eloquently writes, and start thinking of how they can help to improve the world.




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