My gorgeous sister in law gave me a beautiful dinner party book for a present, several years ago now.  It is black leather with embossed gold writing.  For any evenings where we entertain in the dining room, the details go in the book;  from the date, the menu, the flowers, the conversation and the seating plan.  I love it.  All part of my ‘tracking’ habit and love of documenting life and events.


As I opened the book this morning to write down the details of the small gathering we had last night, I noticed with surprise that the last time we entertained on the ‘wedding crockery’ was back at the beginning of March.


Perhaps the 7 months drought of entertaining was partly due to the summer months, but historically that hasn’t stopped us.


I realise it is just another reflection of my state of mind and how much grief and sadness has affected me.  It is good to know that I feel like cooking, organising and planning, socialising and having people in our home again.


Good to know! And my mini meringues went down a big treat… !

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