Laughter, fire and floods

The day started with laughter and has ended with a fire and a flood!  Sounds like something out of the bible….!


Our electronic alarm clock has been made redundant thanks to ‘bounce out of bed’ Tom.  Always the first to wriggle in between the Big Man and I, giving us little kisses… shortly followed like a stealth like Willy who creeps in to snuggle in to me… We all lie like that in a family huddle.. until …. the inevitable ….  A bed of 3 boys…    This morning’s outburst could have been the result from the  BFG’s ‘frobscottle’… a right ‘whizzpopper’.


And that was it, the bed shook with the laughter from all of us.    What a great way to start the day!  It kept the smile on my face throughout…


Until I forgot about the oil warming on the hob – totally distracted by my phone pinging (!) and turning round to see foot high orange flames dancing at me through black smoke.  With no regard to my  favourite tea towel, I threw it over the pan and did what every fireman would probably reprimand me for and grabbed it and ran out the back door and threw it in the flower bed.


AS I went back to open the windows to let out the smoke, I saw a steady flow of water coming down through the beams in the ceiling of the snug…..   I must work on my indepdence and practicality… I had no idea where the stop cock was..  Stop cock.  Just makes me laugh.


So I suppose I have ended the day with laughter too!





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