family surfing

3 well known sayings ring true tonight…


“All good things must come to an end”… So as the summer draws to a close today, so does our holiday.


And maybe that’s a good thing as the other phrase that I overhead someone say today rang  true… “All fish and guests start to go off after 3 days.”


The air of tension over breakfast this morning was like a hangover from the day before. Lingering.


The only way to get through any type of hangover in Cornwall, especially when raining is to hit the surf.  Distraction.  The cold seeping through the neck of your wetsuit and washing anything unwanted away through your toes.  The salt of the sea sticky on your lips, encouraging rehydration and the return of a smile.


So then the third saying – “feelings are like waves, you can’t stop them from coming, but you can choose which one to surf!”


Just like on a wave, you know when you are on a good one;  it is effortless, you are balanced, you glide, you smile and wave.  And just like when you are on a bad wave, you know you can jump off, dive under the wave and come up and wait for the next good one. It’s a choice.


I feel like we have all been on a few good and bad waves today, criss-crossing and causing rip tides and under currents.  Fortunately, no casualties and we are all now heading off to separate beaches….. and in a few months we will float back together on happy, positive white horses!


surf feelings



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