Rock at last! 

Ah… Rock. 
As a family holiday, it is our favourite place. Made even more perfect with the glorious Cornish sunshine, making our faces flush and the estuary sparkle. The Big Man has been coming here since he was the boys age… Me for the 19 years we have been together and the boys since they were babies.. 

As tradition has it, we always head straight for our first drink to celebrate our arrival before unpacking. And then it is now a traditional competition to see who can unpack their bags the quickest, get in to boardies (or bikini) and be ready to hit the beach first! 
The boys and I hit the dunes while the Big Man sleeps… 90 minutes of sand play, sand slide races and hill running…. Loosening up the legs from being in a car for 5 hours, Cornish air in our faces, sand in our crocs… 
This evening as I put away the shopping, cook supper and make up the beds, I day dream….. I love to daydream! Makes the chores go quicker! One day… One day… We will arrive to bags already unpacked, fridge and freezer full, fresh sheets already on beds and flowers littering the house… And if I really want to roll the boat out – a chef to cook our hearts desire and a butler to pour our drinks… One day.
One day!
I love to dream…. To aspire for more, visualise being better.  
And yet as I daydream, I feel a pang of guilt for my greed … And so I turn it around and do the small little acts to make our holiday run smoothly, and do them with gratitude, for I am so thankful for all the fortune we have, how lucky we are already.  

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