Today’s lessons

Today I learnt a few things..


I learnt that I can now nap guilt free, in the middle of the day…  It’s taken a while!


I learnt that I am a Brooks through and through.  According to my Dad anyway…


I learnt that the Brooks’ always ‘come out the sh*t smelling of roses’.  But I also learnt that is because they work hard to do so..


I learnt that I feel as much part of the Mortimer and Pick families as I have always felt a Brooks and a Davies.


I learnt a lot from a fascinating lady, who had 4 PhD’s, spoke 8 languages and who had a Grandson of 6’4” who lived in Paris and a husband who had left her to ‘go upstairs’.  I learnt that I could still understand spoken German… but that I could no longer speak it.


I learnt that I will never tire of my Mum’s recipe for rice salad with peaches and Herta sausages… my comfort food.   The only change is that I make with brown rice rather than white… oh, and that I add kale and broccoli…. And edamame beans.  And I leave out the gruyere.


I learnt that I Kit Kat’s should not be messed with.  I do not like the cookies and cream version…


I learnt that I can open up, share my shame out loud as well as declare what I do want and what I don’t want… and that it feels better to do so, especially when heard and acknowledged.


I learnt that my Mumbo’s cat will be joining her next Friday.  Mum found him in a hedge 16 years ago and brought him home in her pocket.  He has been a comfort and companion to my Dad, but he now has Edna to keep him warm, it’s time to let him go to rest, be out of his pain too.


Today I learnt that I will never be too old to love a Rainbow.  And I still squeak when I see the second one, the paler reflection of the of the bolder one..


i am still learning


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