My Mission…

At the weekend, I heard a fantastically happy and successful couple share their mission statement.


So I decided to write one for me too..  I may tweak it over the next few days or weeks, but this will be my daily guide, daily mantra, daily chant (I am ex-Asda!), daily confidence boost:


‘I am a proud, guilt-free, full-time Mum and wife, growing a business to change the health, wealth and wellbeing of 1 person at a time.  I prioritise time to do what I love – time with my Big Man, my boys, my family and friends, exercise, mindfulness, writing and giving back through volunteering.  I am a woman of substance who loves and inspires others through sharing vulnerability and truth.’


This was on the back of doing an exercise to understand exactly all the things I had committed to doing, had to do, needed to do, wanted to do and loved to do and the time associated with each.  I then prioritised them, highlighting any dependencies and cross referencing with the goals that the Big Man and I have for our current situation and future goals and happiness.


There are only so many hours in a day. And my list showed that my days were over filled.  I had spread my self too thin.


I also read up on the Covey Quadrant on ‘What is urgent?’ and ‘What is important?’  Most people, including me live in the quadrant Urgent & Important having left the important too late and made it urgent.  The bottom line is to do the important things first, so they don’t become urgent and therefore, stressful.  Many people forget that health is right up there as the most important thing and de-prioritise exercise, eating healthily, rest, mindfulness… and run the risk of becoming unhealthy – either overweight or overstressed.


I am prime example.  The most important thing for me to do is grieve and rest, the two things I have been ignoring as it wasn’t ‘urgent’.  These two things will mean I can then do everything else that is important for our family – create a happy home environment for all of us, so we can all do what is important for us – build a career, grow a business, get the best education, be happy, have fun and enjoy adventure.


So certain things have come off my to do or commitment list, as they are not ‘important’ to long term health and happiness.


Clarity provides such calmness.




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