A Genépi Day

Every great day ends with Genépi.


And it must have been a really good day as Grandpa brought out the good stuff from his secret Yorkshire stash!  The smooth, delicate flavoured ‘digestif’, indigenous to the Savoie and the French Alps is wonderful after any meal.


So why was it such a great day?


I can’t put my finger on any one event…


It was a melange of family comings and going, a tapestry of old and young woven together, a riot of laughter…


We had lost balls and shouts of triumphs as Grandpa and Tom took on Grandad and Willy at tennis.


More lost balls at golf at the golf club but back at home,  Grandpa so impressed with Willy hitting the ball with a 7 iron well beyond the length of the tennis court, had to see if he could beat him… and hit the ball over the wall and lost it in our conservatory. The bang was as loud as the sonic boom… but Grandad still slept through it!


The boys chose where were went for tea – their favourite pizzeria… the red wine flowed and we carried two sleepy blond boys to bed.


And Grandpa fetched his treasured bottle.



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