The start of May has treated us.  I love May.  I love May and the way the countryside comes alive with colour after a bit of warmth.


In the last 3 days as sun and heat has drawn out the green leaves from the brown shells of the beech hedges, the blue hues of the forget-me-nots in the wildnerness grasses of the end of the garden, the pale apple blossoms mixed with the dusky pink tones of the cherry.


The garden is bustling with life… the birds are keen to share their delight of the sunrise, the squeals of the boys as they play in the hose, fat pigeons flapping in the trees and the squawks of the magpies…


Warmth.  It draws out the best of the seasons, in my opinion.


And warmth is the only way to get Willy to sleep after a very late night, a long day of playing and maybe a little too much sugar!    The cold, harsh tones don’t work for him, driving him more in to a frenzy, a storm of tears…   But a softer approach, wrapped up in a warm embrace and snuggled under the duvet has him snoring peacefully.


Warmth.  Warmth is the answer.






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