My dates with coffee 

Today has revolved around coffee dating…
A short sharp shot to get me out the door in the freezing rain/ hail for a sprint circuit at 7.30am.  My commitment coffee date.
A snappy macchiato with a couple of friends over diaries to plan our biking outing. My casual, cycling planning coffee date.
A ‘coffee’ with a non coffee drinker (we had a pot of herbal tea!) to showcase my new Arbonne products … Which she loved and ordered. My catch up and creative coffee date.
A lovely, long overdue lunch with the ‘Clifton Coffee Mums’- again no coffee but hot ginger and lemon or the fabulous Filmore  and Union ‘oxygenator’! We have nearly got through our first year of being the new mums! Time flies… And is flying faster! My cathartic, soul cleansing, comforting coffee date.
A rapid ‘coffee’ date to discuss school runs and pick ups and drop offs… We were both late due to peleton TdY traffic and drank tea..  My constructive coffee date.
And finally, I think I am going to need a few espresso martinis (and Arbonne Fizz sticks with botanical caffeine  – US strength) to keep me going to the end of rugby club ball … !! My cr@zy coffee date!!!

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