Making time

A couple of years ago, I heard the motivational speaker Dr Ro live.  He hypnotised 800 of us and I can still see clearly the images and experience that he walked us through and it still brings tears to my eyes.


So I bought his book.


And from that book, I took away the importance of daily affirmations or daily declarations or daily pep talk – however you want to put it, feeding your mind with positive thoughts about yourself and your life.


Initially, I was sceptical.  However, I then went on to read that the most highly effective and successful people all have and religiously say affirmations.


So I gave it a go. I wrote down a few things negative things that I thought about myself… And I wrote down the reverse:  I am a success.  I am loving being happy.  I am full of vitality, energy and lean, etc.  And I wrote them down, stuck them to my vanity mirror and said them daily to myself as I dried my hair (no one else could hear me then… especially my sceptical Yorkshire husband!).


And it started to work.  My thoughts started to justify the positive statements until I believed it…


So every few months, I rewrite them.  I start with the negative thoughts and feelings and write down positive, reverse declarations.


I wrote new ones while I was in Vegas…


My negative thought was that I always feel guilty when I do something just for me, if it isn’t related directly to looking after the boys, making the Big Man’s life easier, doing something for the house, the family, for someone else, for the community at large…. I felt so guilty that it made me anxious.


So my new affirmation for the last few days:  ‘I am making time to do things I love daily, guilt free’.


Despite being told I was selfish and inconsiderate, I chose not to believe it and today absolutely loved going for a 2 hour bike ride with a friend, being at one with the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.


Just for me.


And it felt really good.





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