Cosmic Ordering

Cosmic ordering…


It’s come up twice today.


Once in a conversation with a friend who shared that she has been doing some.. the results of her first two requests aren’t yet apparent, but the third on her order was being given in spades!


The other time was with my Dad on the phone today.  He was sounding so happy and relaxed that it made tears prick in my eyes ..


A few months ago, Dad shared with me that he might like to start dating again, finding a friend, someone to hang out with and do stuff with.  At the time, I was a little taken aback, as it hadn’t really crossed my mind.  But that surprise was only for a moment.  My Dad is amazing.  He has been a true legend in my eyes for the last decade, being so patient, kind, loving, caring to my Mum.  Standing by her right to the end, his presence always a comfort to Mum aswell as Bambi and I.


He and Mum met through a dating agency 44 years ago, so he was really proud to share with us his online dating profile… and how many women were contacting him!  He went on one or two meetings… but it wasn’t quite right.


Dad isn’t a big believer of the spiritual world, the cosmic universe…. So maybe I tricked him a little… but I did do some cosmic ordering on his behalf.  We sat over coffee one day and I asked him what he was looking for, what did he want in a companion or a girlfriend even.


“What else?” I kept asking.


He spoke from his heart … and shared what and who he would love to share his last years with.


He is so happy today because I believe the universe answered my cosmic ordering on his behalf.


He found her, standing in the pouring rain, under a bus stop.  He offered her a lift home.  She denied it with thanks.  Dad persisted.  She accepted… and pretty much since then, they have been inseparable in their spare time.  In between golf and bowls for her and tennis and racket ball for my Dad, their grandchildren and families, they spend the time in the garden, going for walks, watching the rugby, enjoying the casseroles my Dad cooks!  And of course the infamous bread a butter pudding.


Lyra, my little 5 year old niece is delighted she has a Granny again.  And the boys and I can’t wait to meet the lady who has made my Dad look and feel young again.


Thank you universe…thank you for fulfilling and delivering way over and above expectations.


…. Maybe I should try it for myself?!…. now what shall I order?!


lady in the rain

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