Let’s talk about Vegas!

Let’s talk about Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada.


In 1999, having driven down route 1 from Seattle to Los Angeles in our 1972 convertible beetle, bright orange and cow hide covered seats, we headed for Route 66 to get to our final destination, Toronto, Canada.


I recall the first time I saw Vegas.  It was nightime… or dusk.  At least it is in my recollection.  Our beloved, temperamental, rotting, rusty Orange Bug had just had a new engine, so we weren’t being overheated or polluted with black smoke…  The tumble weed had started to disappear and looming up in the distance there was a glow…a yellow glow.  And as we drew closer you could see the outline of Vegas from the movies, rising up out of the desert, a crescent of light.


According to the Big Man’s travel expense spreadsheet to make our savings last, we had $5 per head per day.  For food.  For lodgings.


I hated Vegas.


Firstly, it was hot. It was midsummer July hot. Not just hot hot.  But stinking hot.  Sewer stinking hot.  Sauna, I can’t breath hot.


I hated Vegas.


Secondly, it was freezing.  Sub zero air con freezing.  Goosebump stimulating freezing the minute you walked through any door to escape the heat.


I hated Vegas.


Thirdly, it was noisy. Bing diddly Bing. Bing diddly Bing Bing Bing… around every corner, through every entrance, banks of slot machines and roulettes… Tinned music and shouting…


I hated Vegas.


Fourthly, it was all about the gambling. Totally risk averse, especially when it came to money… betting our $5 allowance on black or ‘twisting’ on 18 put me totally on edge.  I didn’t want to sleep in the car with no roof!


I hated Vegas.


So when my great friend said excitedly that the global conference for the business I had just started was in Vegas, I did not share her excitement and said I would never go back.


She had 11 months to convince me otherwise.


And now, I am here.  For the 3rd time since.


And I love Vegas.


Firstly, it’s all about the people.  So many wonderful friends are here. And I know I am going to make so many more.. from conversations with strangers by the pool, getting to know people in the queues to register, buy merchandise, to get to a seat… laughing and sharing stories without realising you have been queuing for an hour.


I love Vegas.


Secondly, it’s like coming home.  While that first taxi ride in to Vegas is totally surreal, I know where I am going.  I know what my room looks like, I know where I like to eat, to shop, to sunbathe, I know how to get over the jetlag, deal with the hot vs cold.


I love Vegas.


Thirdly, it is pure escapism.  I love my life, my real life, my Big Man, my little men, my routines, my home friends, my business, the excitement of my new job, my home.. but there I have responsibilities, deadlines, timelines….  In Vegas, it’s all about me… for a few days, doing just what I want to do.  Guilt free.


I love Vegas.
Fourthly, it’s all about learning, about growing knowledge, becoming self aware of what small changes are needed to grow mentally, physically, spiritually … It’s about being inspired by others, their journey, their experiences, downfalls and victories. It’s about feeling empowered, invincible and incredible from the knowledge gained but from the support of 18,000 people around you.
I love Vegas.


Funny how dramatically an emotion can change from hate to love with a different perspective.  It’s that miracle again….





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