The Bowen aftermath

I am not sure what to write tonight.  Usually when I sit faced with a blank sheet of paper, words just start appearing…


It was an emotional day yesterday.


I wonder if it had anything to do with the Bowen treatment and homeopathy remedies I had Tuesday?  She said I may feel worse before I got better, which is typical for a body that it is healing itself.


I definitely felt more intense, magnified emotions yesterday.


Maybe the Bowen treatment (which felt like she was turning little switches on and off all over my body) was actually releasing the energies and letting them flow out.


Today, I can still feel a trickle of emotion eeking its way out.


And maybe that is why I am not able to write much tonight…. Everything feels like it is seeping out of my toes.


I am looking forward to tomorrow.


I am packing for Las Vegas.






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