Rejection.  Failure.

Two words I used to fear…  run from… hide from.

As a 17 year old failing my driving test 3 times was mortifying… I was the girl who came in the top percentage in pretty much everything (with the exception of drama and music).


Rejection and Failure.

They used to make me angry.  I could feel the big black clouds above my head and the blood boiling through my veins.

They used to make me cry.  I would cry from the frustration and the mortification of it all.  What would people think of me?


Rejection and Failure.

I must have grown up.  There is a hint of the frustration, a slight frown maybe but I have realised, through experience, that these actions are just protection or even redirection in the labyrinth of life.


The labyrinth of life.  I can’t remember where I heard that but I love that image.


You start life on the edge of this big maze.  Your mission, your purpose to get the prize in the middle… your dream life, your dream man, your dream job, your dream house, your dream family and so on…


As you start on your journey towards the realisation of that dream, there are ultimately going to be roadblocks, obstacles, hurdles that will slow your progress as you work out which way to turn.


Some obstacles may feel or seem so big that you can never overcome them… or get through them.  A little bit like how I have felt recently with the death of my Mumbo….  But you do.


Some roadblocks are just not worth trying to get over or past.  I have learnt to see those as redirections.  You aren’t meant to go down that path.  If you have set your intention as Wayne Dyer describes, then the universe is protecting you from making a wrong choice or influencing you to go another way.  The other way could be a quicker route or a path that will lead you to an experience that will benefit you more so in the long run.


So the application rejection from the university where I applied to work in the careers department, is just a redirection.  I am not meant to go down that path.


I defined my intention to find work that puts my children, family and my long term goals first:  flexible, fun, happy environment, fulfilling, convenient, part time, contributing to the community, well paid for my time.


So clearly, the universe has decided that that role won’t meet all my criteria.  So Next!


And in the meantime, I am loving reinvigorating my Arbonne business, reigniting my love and passion for health in looking in to courses to take that further, writing… and doing what I love most, putting the boys (all 3) first!


That.. and enjoying the twists and turns of my labyrinth…until I find my centre.



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