Priority stuff

I got through today.
I got through the priority stuff. 
The boring priority stuff that keeps the house going – the endless washing, ironing, cooking. 

The priority work stuff – orders for clients placed and distributed. 

The priority boys stuff – fed them, listened to them read, listened to their daily updates, got them to school having made sure they were dressed with clean teeth. Got them home, got them to beavers and went to a school parent consultation.

The priority Big Man stuff – fed him, listened to his daily update….( Got him out the door with clean teeth?!)

The priority me stuff – filled out a grief counselling form and went to bed and slept like a dead person alongside Snow White. Remembering, focussing on and holding on to the very fact that the last thing my Mum ever said to me was ‘I love you’ … 

One thought on “Priority stuff

  1. Keep that last sentence your Mum said to you in your head and know that you are doing great, whether you are crumbling or rebuilding, what ever you are doing… you are doing great. It all needs to be done. x


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