Make a wish…

I was snoozing nicely, in that lovely place where you kind of hear what’s going on, but you are blissfully somewhere else… somewhere in the real world, I heard a good tune come on the car radio… James singing along (badly)…   the boys yelling at him to ‘shut up, Daddy!’…. and then my nap was over… Willy yelling ‘Mummy… I’m hungry!’… and I got an excited tap on my legs and the question..


‘So… what shall we plan for?  What are you excited for?…’


The Big Man… I read books about visualisation, the power of imagination, goal setting and belief that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough.  He just has it ingrained into him.  Part of his DNA.  He is always 10 years ahead of me… he knows what house, what car, what holiday…


He says he always ‘wants more’… and sometimes his ambition frightens me… wrong word… has me in awe….  He totally believes he will always get what he puts his mind to.


I remember an old friend talking fondly of James… “he always lands on his feet.. he is the kind of bloke in a full car park, pulls in just as someone is leaving…”  It’s true.. whereas some people think it’s luck, the Big Man just has strong belief that nothing else but the best is possible.


When I worry about his ‘wanting more’… he always puts me at rest.  “I know I am the luckiest man alive, Ali… I don’t need to write my gratitudes every day… I know it!  I have a gorgeous family, wonderful wife and sons… I love coming back to our home.. and on a gorgeous day, I have a pick of cars to take for a spin or put on my trainers and go for a beautiful run right outside my backdoor.”


He seems to have worked out the balance of being grateful for what you have, happy, content but at the same time looking forward to the next adventure, dreaming about the next thing.


I think I think too much about getting it right…. I worry about being greedy, ungrateful.  He just says he wants the best for us…  there’s nothing wrong with that.


So for the last hour of the journey we daydream about our family future…


For me, with Mum’s funeral yesterday, I am all about making memories, as a family, as a couple… enjoying life, capturing the fun.  And James, he is building our dream house is his mind…


We may have to wait a little while… but I know it will be worth it…


Which is what I said to Tom when he said he wished for a Ferrari once and still hadn’t had it…

“Do what your Daddy does… make the wish by holding the image of it in your mind and believe it will come true.  Once you have it, keep it by being grateful for it.”

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