Tears and laughter…

Today there has been laughter through the tears.


We stopped off at the local village card shop… which is a treasure trove of village shops… from sweets in jars, to tinned soup and banks of funny cards.  It was good medicine to laugh out loud… I restocked our emergency card store for home.


We sat with Mum, each holding a hand, stroking an arm, her face, her hair… recounting funny stories of her, of us… My godmother arrived and joined in with more.


Bambi needed to practice using curlers (!)… she was rubbish, I was marginally better.  She looked like a Japanese Geisha … and we got the giggles. I am sure we may have seen a flicker of a smile in mum’s eyes too…


Over lunch Bambi tried to explain to us what she did – she had a slide show and everything.  Dad and I decided she does ‘crazy shit with straw and rubbish’…. Like new fuels and containers..  something to do with chemicals and microbes and things Dad and I don’t understand.


We avoided the agony of watching and hearing the suction machine and tubes clear Mum’s airways of mucus by laughing at the chronic name of it:  Flaem.


We had a race to see who could find the shark in the picture book that had been left for Mum ….  Dad was slow, Bambi was competitive… and I won! Ha!


We had knowing smiles as we heard another patient shouting at a nurse … adamant that she was being held hostage, that she was going to the top, going to tell her MP how terribly she was being treated, how bad the food was!  It could have been Mum 6 months ago…


Tonight Dad and I had a pyjama party, a cheese and wine party and laughed at the clownish, boyish, brilliance of Kris Marshall as he solved the latest murder in Paradise.


The waiting will continue.  The tears will keep on rolling.  But there will always be laughter to get us through it.


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