The Social Media Debate

I think it is pretty fair to say that this has been a pretty trying week: seeing my mum disappear before my eyes; having the strong suspicion that my son is being victimised in the school playground to the point of suspected bone breakage; and a whole bunch of stuff that will remain in my private journal until the point I feel vulnerable enough to share with the world… It’s been an overwhelmingly emotional week.  The anger has subsided, but I feel on the brink of tears quite a lot of the time…


Life, marriage, parenthood isn’t perfect; as much as the beautiful show-reel of Facebook likes to portray a wonderful world, couples and families… behind closed doors, behind the scenes, there is heartache, shouting in to pillows, at the universe and tears… There are tax returns, bills to pay, dinners to cook, beds to make, piles and piles of laundry, homework and work to do, and even cars to clean.  The dull and the necessary.


But does that make Facebook or social media a bad thing?  This was the thought I contemplated as I ran this morning. (Running and writing – they seem to be my main coping mechanisms at the moment… once upon a time, it was wine and chocolate…)


You can look at the happy smiley faces on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and other social technology mediums… and you have a choice.


You can look at them and think – they have everything, I have nothing; they are happy, I am miserable; aren’t they lucky, I am so unlucky; they are so gorgeous, I am so ugly; they are so successful and I am a failure; they have everything and I have nothing.

You can look and watch from a place from lack, of negativity and fuel your despair and despondency.  You can compare and see what you don’t have … and keep digging yourself in to a bigger pit of unhappiness.


Or you can look at the gorgeous blue skies of someone’s holiday and think – hell yes – I would love some of that! Let’s plan for it!  You can look at someone’s romantic embrace and think – I would love that in my life, I am ready – how can I make room for it in my life? You can look at long bronzed legs, toned arms and think – I can be like that!  Let’s get to work…   They have an amazing life, how can I get a slice of it?

You can see what your life could be like, you can feel what it would be like to have what you want and embrace positivity, send out the right vibrations and feel good…  focus on making a plan to take you to an abundant life, by being abundant.


Or you can get involved and share what you do have!  See the greatness in your life and share with others to make them feel good… spread your happiness… share your delight in being alive.


Or you can turn it off.  You can live in the moment.  Live in your own space and be grateful for the small things without sharing socially.


I am off to have some family fun… including baking brownies with my boys… we are back on the entertaining scene!





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