Devastation and destruction

You know it has been a good party when there is total devastation and destruction.

Devastation of the living space and destruction of the kidneys, liver and brain…. not forgetting the soles of the feet from dancing!


The remedy for both is time.


Time to methodically clear away the remnants and evidence, cleansing and clearing until everything is back in its rightful place.  Mr OCD can’t sit still until it is done.


Time to rehydrate a shrivelled Icelandic vodka brain with a long green juice..


Time to let Granny’s roast pork settle the rumbly tummy….


Time to put my sore feet up and sleep on the sofa with 2 wriggly boys and a snoring Big Man.


Time to reflect on how lucky I am to have had such a week of fabulous celebrations with wonderful friends – near and far – and family.



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