Change is good…

The sky in Yorkshire is a beautiful blue..

The sun is beginning to set and the last rays of sun are casting the most stunning warm light on to the yellow yorkshire stone, turning it golden…

It is bitterly cold outside…

There is frost on the ground…

but here in my kitchen, it is toasty and warm…

The smell of roasting chicken for the boys’ tea is making me salivate…


The roasting chicken signifies a Friday night… chicken and chips for the boys and then chicken and adult sides for us later…


It is a routine thing.

It is a comfort thing.


There is a time for both routine and comfort.  However, when it comes to food, too much of it reminds me of my reaction at the time when we found out that our little baby, our little Willy mouse had been diagnosed at 15 months with coeliac disease.


It had been one of the options the surgeons and doctors had been discussing, alongside pyloric stenosis, twisted bowels, redundant loops of the intestines… all which would have required open stomach surgery… and in fact we were in the Leeds General Infirmary at the time for that very reason…   A diagnosis of Coeliac would be the best outcome, the prognosis good with a change in diet to be gluten free.


So when the surgeon noticed intussusceptions, the endoscopy then confirmed coeliac disease, why was my reaction one of despair!?  In fact, it was something out of a comedy…. my reaction in my head shouted… ‘but what will I give everyone for lunch instead of a sandwich????’   I was far more concerned about my usual routine of food shopping….


What I have learnt from that is that any change, regardless of how small, insignificant is that change is good.  Being flexible is fantastic….


From a no sandwich lunchtime, we have embraced varied and colourful lunches – baked sweet potatoes, exciting salads, barbeques, quinoa (it’s actually delicious!) and much more… and as a result from all of us removing gluten and wheat, we are far healthier.


So a change in routine, a change from our comforting habits can lead to good things, better things… it teaches us new things, forces us to grow and adapt… and that can only be a good thing.


I recalled this when James said he was going to move to take a good role in London – I looked for the good that could come out of it… In fact, I have returned to reading in the evening rather than watching random dramas.  I have gone to bed earlier, which means I can get up earlier and do pilates and be ready for the early school run..


As we are on the brink of more change, with Hannah leaving us and as I move in to my 5th decade, I am excited rather than nervous about the added complexity this will add in to my life… Who knows what this change from routine will bring!  It may take a while working it all out – just like we did the non-sandwich lunch… but just like the change in season, as the dark long days are starting to be bright… we can see that Spring is around the corner…


I wait with anticipation and baited breathe as to what the universe has in store for us!


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