The letter S

The letter S was the theme of our fancy dress New Year’s Eve party…
The ‘Sewells’ were our fabulous hosts as ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ and ‘Super Mario’.
Sterling efforts with Star Wars, a Sprout, some Salty Peanuts, Stegosaurus, Slinky (or Swingball), some Sheep, a Ski Bum and Sandy…

 We dined on Smoked Salmon blinis and Sausage appetisers, Seasonal Salad, Steak and Summer fruits with lemon tarte or chocolate meringues cake… All followed by a Spread of cheese…. And a Surprise chocolate bomb! 
We had Silly games… 12 days of Christmas, the dice game, the malteser Slide, the name game… My favourite Spin and Splat!


We drank copious amounts of Sparkling champagne and a Stunning red…
I was Stupid…. I drank wine…. 

James Snored…

While I was Sick… (Nice)
It was a Smashing night bringing in the new year of Sixteen..
Now I am so ready for Sleep!

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