My 40th

Today I received a ‘save the date’ for a 40th in August.

It sent me into a flat spin!

I turn 40 in less than 4 weeks time…. And I haven’t organized anything!


We’ve discussed going away, staying at home. I discussed holding a joint birthday with a friend earlier this week, I discussed doing nothing at all with James…


I’ve never really done anything for my birthday of great size or grandeur which I feel somewhat pressured to do to mark this occasion..


I don’t really remember my 10th birthday… but I know I never got the party .. Mum didn’t like parties in the house and as I was January, I didn’t get a party. Instead, I got a wonderful treat with 2 friends – a trip to the ballet or the theatre in London, which was a huge excitement!


For my 20th, I was at uni, in my first year… I don’t remember it, purely because of the sheer amount of alcohol I consumed… I think we started in TGI Friday… who knows where I ended up!


For my 21st, I was living in Bordeaux… My Dad generously paid for my flat mates and I to go out for a lovely meal… and I remember I think we went for a quick meal and then used the rest of the fund to go on a bar crawl around the beautiful city… There was a lot of red wine. There were a lot of cobbled streets. It wasn’t a good combination for girls in heels!


For my 30th, we had just returned from our amazing 3 plus week honeymoon – 2 weeks on the most beautiful Safari around Kenya, Christmas in barefoot luxury and then back to the Alps skiing with friends for New Year. We celebrated with my bridesmaids and best friends and James cooked the most amazing meal… his crème brulee is still the best I have ever tasted…


For my 40th


I know I hold the pen to write whatever comes next…


For my 40th


I would like to feel happy. I would like to feel relaxed…


For my 40th


I would like to eat cake with my boys, my Big Man and my family…


For my 40th


…I think I will ponder some more.


For my 40th


Watch this space…


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