Christmas Chaos

Is anyone else in Christmas Chaos?

Is anyone else powering through the Christmas lists?

I am a woman on a mission….

There are two big days looming on the horizon…

There are two little boys who deserve a mega Christmas

There is one little man who deserves the best eighth birthday…


There is nothing like a date or a deadline to get the wheels in motion, to get the momentum going.

There is nothing like a date or a deadline to get the job done…

There is nothing like a date or a deadline to prioritise the necessary from the frills… prioritise what needs to get done and what can wait…. Or even binned!


Christmas, birthdays and anniversarys are the same date every year… so why does it always end up being crazy chaos!?


I think I secretly like it… the chaos and the momentum adds to the excitement… it adds fuel to the adrenalin! Where’s the fun in having everything wrapped and organized, labeled or tidied away?


If you have too much time on your hands, you can overthink, procrastinate… with the momentum crescendo-ing, quick decisions and gut judgements are order of the day… you have to go with your instincts… and just go for it!


Blog or wrap…. Blog

Wine or V&T… hmm.. Cup of tea!

Chocolate or raspberries… both

Greys or Private Practcie… PP (wardrobe tips from Addie required)

See – easy! I am on it!

And now to wrap!



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