Graduation Day

I love my life! No two days are the same!

It’s been a great day….


After a month of pure emotion related illness, I was able to get back to my ‘miracle morning’ of pilates and reflective calm.


It felt rather fitting that I could do my miracle morning on today of all days.

It felt rather fitting to start my day strong, on purpose, clear.

It felt rather fitting to start my day with my favourite routine, with structure, with vision, gratitude and abundance.

It felt rather fitting to start my day with energy and light.

It felt rather fitting to start my day with the miracle morning as today was Graduation Day!


I got involved with the Mosaic Mentoring programme earlier this year after a period of reflection and a period of redefining my future.


On my vision board at the beginning of the year, I had many pictures – of a boat, swimming in the sea, family, love, health and in the area I opened my mind for my next career moves I had pictures of a book on how to be a coach to children and photos of laptops, coffees and a bubble with the word ‘blog’ written multiple times.


I don’t believe it was a coincidence that Mosaic crossed my path. I believe I set my intention at the beginning of last year to work with children, to share the life lessons and professional experience I have and it manifested in a wonderful way. Sitting with my fellow Mosaic Mentor Lucy, we sat proudly as our class related their experiences of the lessons and clapped and whooped loudly as they were presented with their certificates… and we ducked out of the way as they threw their red mortar boards high in to the air. It was a magical moment. A highlight of 2016.


I don’t believe it was therefore a coincidence that the keynote and inspirational speaker was one of the most successful bloggers in the UK today – ‘Honest Mum’ Vicki Psarias. She shared her story from being an embarrassed girl with a monobrow (something we have in common!)…to successful filmmaker… to Mum… and then very successful blogger and occassional tv presenter.


As I was beginning to question my decisions this year, about redefining myself, my brand and who I want to be… hearing from Vicki made me realize I am on the right path. She reiterated messages from the audiobook I was listening to in the car on the way there: Don’t settle. Keep pushing through the fear. Dream Big. It is possible for you. Take positive criticism, but for all those that want you to fail – prove them wrong.


And so, as with always, my life the sandwich… I had wonderful time for me this morning… feeling proud of my mentoring journey, visualizing the next chapter.


And this afternoon, I was back to the filling of my sandwich! My lists to keep the house running and Christmas on track… My lists to keep my business running and Christmas on track!  The time with the boys… although they are a bit hyper at the moment! The excitement, the sugar… the excitement!!!


…and the final part of the sandwich, it is time to find out how my Dad is…. I know the last few months have taken its toll on my sister and I and while my Dad has been so strong, I wonder whether his virus and bronchitis is also the underlying tones of emotional stress…


….while my Dad has been ill, wonderful friends have been visiting Mum in her new home and the news has been refreshingly good – my favourite piece of news, that they have washed her hair and styled it!…






I was also privileged enough to be asked to speak on behalf of all the mentors today…


So this is dedicated to the Mosaic Class in St Mathews…


14 Year 6 girls, St Mathews Primary, Chapel A…

Mosaic the aim, to mentor, encourage, to show the right way..

In the Music Room, all girls, all 10 years old…

To earn their trust, I had to be bold…

I told them about Barry, my bed time bear..

I told them my dreams and of having no fear…

In a big circle, we played the picnic game

And I was totally rubbish at learning everyone’s name!

I left on a high! What a fantastic class, what a start…

A privilege to work with Lucy, Lulu, the girls, play my part..


So now to our lessons, so much fun our hour flew past…

Who remembers Wendy? Our role model for the class?

Qualities and values, we dressed her in post-its until she was done…

Happy, strong, giving, honest and kind, healthy, caring and fun

I learnt all about Nicki Menaj and Fetty Wap

Who inspire you, with talent, style, music and rap..

We learnt about confidence, balance and feelings..

When angry, shocked, lonely, tired, frustrated or sad

Thanks to Lucy we know how to stop feeling so bad…

Draw round your hand, and for each one of your fingers

Do something to change your mood, don’t let it linger…

Eat some chocolate, go for a walk or cuddle your Gran

This really is such a simple and cunning plan!


On behalf of Lulu and lucy, Mosaic and Me…

Congratulations! You were brilliant! The best Mentees!

You should be so proud of how much you have grown..

Use what you have learnt and go out on your own..

Be confident! Be Kind. Most of all, follow your dream..

Sing, dance, teach! Paint, cut hair, be part of a team…

I will miss you all – Thursday morning, what shall I do!

Without you all… Olivia, Evie and Nylah Blu..

Singing and rapping with Amelia and Kaci..

India, Sophie, Ta’Jae, Tara and Aimee

Jayah, Kya, Sophia and….and? and? I am showing my age…

Who I have I forgotten? Oh! It can only be Paige!








2 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Hi Ali, what a beautiful, touching post (love your blog)- and you made me cry yesterday with your ode and sweet words. You have made such a difference to those children’s lives and their confidence and determination (adore the sound of the post-it game, I would love to see you all in action)- you should feel so proud. I felt honoured to be part of your day yesterday, thank you so much for having me. I hope your Dad is OK and thank you for inspiring me to get back on the mat with yoga too.

    …I love that the jigsaw pieces eventually all come together and so often when they are meant to. I felt so much more clarity and purpose on leaving yesterday, to always follow my own advice (and that passed on to me from the strong women (and men) around me-it’s so vital to follow our dreams and not let anyone stop those (even ourselves). The children truly inspired me-I saw myself as a girl reflected in them. I hope to see you all again, love Vicki x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try — amazing long or short lessons by amazing instructors… It definitely sets me up for the day! Especially now I am getting old!! Ha ha….
      You should come to a lesson! I am sure Leah would organise it…. They are great fun and I wish we had this type of support growing up – the stuff you need for life not just curricular….
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!! It means a lot to me x


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