Mix and a Mash

Gosh… it is late… and I haven’t blogged yet!

I am still totally committed to my challenge… and while I know I can give myself a get out clause, I am not that kind of person…



Today has been a real mix, mash and blend of everyone and everything.


Beautiful crisp, December light streaming through a low lattice window… A leisurely lie in, papers in the bed. Laughing at the Big Man in a Small Shower… Full English and rehydration sachets to see us through the morning of the night before.


Family craziness with dogs, cats, grandparents, hyper boys on sugar highs… soup and toasties before family hour on the sofa… snoozes and snuggles.


Chats with my Dad … chats with my sister… Worried about my Dad. Bronchitis has spread 250 miles south. The ‘Sandwich’ pull of guilt… if he feels as bad as I have done, I want to be there to make his hot honey and lemon and take him toast in bed. I know what it feels like… and I am half his age. Torn.


Family competition time at the 10 pin bowling….. Our true colours come out. Willy wanting to win and only win, cross armed until he does. James starting weak but crescendo-ing to a mighty finish. Me… consistently above average, but just not quite top.   Tom just so happy to please and enjoying taking part.


Family feeding frenzy at our favourite Italian. Laughter before the tears.


Heartbroken at Tom’s sobs when he realizes Daddy is off on the train to London. But we wave him off with loud shouts and lots of waving… lots of texting… lots of distraction with Christmas Crooners on the radio home.


As the boys go to bed, I Facetime my business partner, my wonderful friend and we plan and strategise how we can help everyone we know have a good healthy start to 2016, just as we have benefitted for the last 2 years…   There is nothing like a good planning session to get you on a high!


There is nothing like hearing an inspirational training from a serious business owner, top of her game, funny, global CEO… the power of what we have in our hands will keep me awake tonight.

This is what is going to make sure my Dad isn’t alone.

This is what is going to get Big Daddy Morts home… I don’t want to hear Tom cry for that reason again.

The power of a goal.

The power of a dream.

The power of a little boy’s cries.

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