A night off…


I am ready for a night off…. One boy finished school… One boy one week left to go…

Most of the Christmas presents bought…. Wrapping paper at the ready.

Substitute romantic dinner and night away booked…

Takeaway on it’s way.

I am ready for a night off…

The Big Man is back…

Tonight it is ‘Night Nurse Knockout’ vs ‘Hyper Steroids’… should make for an interesting night…

I am ready for a night off…



So I thought I would spread a little festive fun this evening!


Q:   How does a Snowman get to work?

A: By icicle.


Q: What do you get when you cross a Snowman with a Shark?

A: Frost Bite.


Q: What happens when you eat Christmas Tree decorations?

A: Tinsil-itis.


Q:  Where does Mistletoe go to get famous?

A: Holly-wood.


Q:  What do you call a Snowman in Summer?

A:  A puddle.


time off




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