The importance of ‘value’

Two things caught my eye today and that have played on my mind, mulled over…

The first was my motivational saying for the day:

“Not better than everyone, better than the old you”

And the second was a fantastic article about a CEO’s interpretation of the value of people based on how much money they made and the response of a teacher to that interpretation.

The first one really got me thinking as I was doing the drive to and from school. We do actually live in a society that feels like everyone is no longer just trying to keep up with the Jones’… but actually trying to out-do ‘the Jones’’! Or maybe it is just the social circle I am in… I don’t know. Or maybe that is just my perception and interpretation of it…

Anyway… regardless…

This is such a good mantra to have at the forefront of our minds for both business and life…   If we set our goals on the perception of what other people have … wealth, happiness, fitness, figure, car, house, sofa, number of children, title, pay cheque… we will never be satisfied as there will always be someone else that has something more that we do…

People who know me well will share that I am not averse to competition, in fact, I think competition is healthy! However, this principle is so much healthier as it means we are always winning! If we keep improving ourselves, this will compound over time and we will always feel satisfied, always reach our goal, always have the pom poms out to cheer ourselves on. We will always feel motivated to keep on bettering ourselves in a good way.

This is something, I am so going to instill in my family and encourage my children especially to do.

And the second article was just brilliant. When a rich CEO belittled a Teacher for what she made, she took him down a few pegs. While he was focused on making money, she reminded him that it was her work as a teacher that helped made the children in her class feel valued, like a winner; made them question, wonder, imagine; she made them read and write; made them feel safe and secure… and ultimately she MADE them in to the CEO’s of the future…

What an amazing response.

Our value isn’t in the money that we make, but in the value that we give to, show and share with others. And especially to those who are more vulnerable, younger, who look up to us…

Value in terms of material things are not eternal, the latest super car soon becomes dated, the latest fashion accessory soon becomes passé, houses, jewels cannot be taken with you to the grave or to the next life (if that’s what you believe). And while they can be handed down through the generations, will they actually be valued or just a collectors piece… even sold?

The teacher’s response is profound and thought provoking, because feelings, attitudes, core values can be eternal and will live on in the lives that continue afterwards. Behaviours are duplicated and appreciated again and again, generation through generation. To love and live and be part of the life of a child, to give time more than money or possessions is far more valuable.. in my humble opinion.

And I am therefore eternally grateful, that I now have the opportunity to spend more time with my sons than I do in an office. I have gratitude daily for that… It is always number one on my gratitude list.


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