Home Sweet Home

There is nothing like taking the last turn in to your own village after 360 mile journey…

There is nothing like driving back through your own gates and walking through your own front door…

There is nothing like carrying your sleeping boys up to their own beds and hearing their sighs of comfort as they snuggle under their own duvets….

There is nothing like unpacking the car on your own, laden with bags, boxes and rubbish… and realising for the first time how much easier it is when there is 2 of you.

There is nothing like realising how amazing single mum’s are… hats off to them!

There is nothing like leaning against the aga to sooth an aching back…feeling the warmth of your own kitchen and feeling waves of gratitude…

There is nothing like putting on the first of many washes and getting ahead of the game before bed…

There is nothing like munching on a piece of hot buttery toast as a reward for doing so well on a long drive alone…

There is nothing like the relief as you find the Halloween costumes have been delivered while you have been away…happy boys tomorrow!

There is nothing like opening 4 letters from HMRC explaining they have recalculated your tax for the YE 2013/14 and it is now double and you have multiple late payments (!)…. (Thank you, thank you, thank you… it must have meant I earnt a lot of money that year and benefitted from it at the time!!)

There is nothing like blogging on a laptop after a week of finger tapping on an iphone…

There’s nothing like getting in to your own bed, having your own pillow, a good book and an early night….

There’s nothing like home sweet home… There’s no place like home….


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