That was utterly delicious.
2pm I was meant to be on a spin bike….

At 2.01, I was eating a bar of chocolate and by 2.02pm I was in bed. Curled up around the cushions, duvet tucked under my leg as and under my chin… The gentle rumble of the car in the distance and the quiet rhythmic hum of a little plane somewhere up above doing loop the loop… And my body, sinking…. Sinking heavier and heavier in to the softness… The darkness of sleep gently lapping further and further towards my consciousness… Until weightlessness, black oblivion…
2.59 and I am awake! Moments before my alarm…
2.10… Two ham and cheese sandwiches made and wrapped, apples cut and oranges packed…
2.13… Quick ‘hi’ to grandpa as I dash out the door
2.22 and I am watching willy play tig while I tap out this blog.

2.31 back in the car…now for the double dash to York for Tom and possibly Mr OCD if he caught his train, my thoughts of what to cook for supper and the freezer contents in my head!
My bed, my sleep, my blissful bedilicious moments a distant memory….

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