The 10.27 grand central to London Kings Cross

  There’s something special about going to London… 
Well for me anyway… 
The big smoke, the city, the capital. Going south, going home from home.
I love to dress up in my best coat and scarf. I even put on some lippie.. You must remember I am Downton’s Lady Mary reincarnated in the new century.. Or maybe I am more Lady Edith today? 
I get a posh coffee, a good book, make a few lists and cross a few off (so satisfying!). 
I am even on a Grand Central although these days they are less ‘grand’ … But you can tell they once were – the larger seats, fewer places in a carriage. They are a bit worn, frayed and tired around the edges but at least I don’t feel like a sardine, packed in to a hurtling tin on tracks as I do on an East Coast… Where the seats are new and plug sockets work… But even if you are tapping away on a laptop, your elbow bash and jostle with the person next you and your knees clash with the one opposite….
So the Grand Central still has an air of peace and grandeur… Everyone seems a little hushed and as I sit, I love to play the ‘who are they?’ game!
Next to me a young gentleman all suited, checking his phone every 2 minutes, distracting himself with a movie on an iPad, spilling his fizzy pop all over himself – I bet his is going to an interview. Personally, I would advise him to have had a shave…
And the couple opposite – French! I know because she asked me ‘Je cherche mes places – le dix-neuf et vingt’ and I replied in my rather rusty rustic French! My education did come in handy… He sits, looking out the window through red rimmed half specs (for those that know the history of Arbonne, you will smile for they are the trademark of our wonderful founder, the brains behind the botanicals, science and visionary behind the business)… His wife, beautiful skin, beautiful diamonds, beautiful smile… On her iPad, her iPhone… They don’t speak English… So why are they on a train from York to London..? I bet to get the Eurostar back to Paris… Why Yorkshire? Visiting a child married to a ‘ros beef’.. Maybe I will pluck up the courage to ask…. Get the grey matter working and dive deep into the archives… 
I will amuse myself for the next hour and 45 minutes playing the game – the lady on the table next to me looks like me a couple of years ago – papers, org charts, architecture diagrams, a pack showing options and recommendations, .. Hands taking her hair…a big sigh every now and then… 
In the early days, when I used to visit james in Yorkshire, I used to think an hour 45 was an eternity! Now it flashes by in moments… I relish the time to think, the time to reflect, listen to music, let my mind wander… Watch the english countryside fly by, still green, blue skies, low lying clouds, hay bales piling, sheep grazing.. 
My mind wanders to mum — she will be in the hospital now for her tests. What will be will be… 
I am looking forward to holding her, smaller than me, holding her soft soft fluttery hands… 
I am looking forward to a bear hug with my dad.
I am looking forward to a rare evening with james, just us. 
And some wine. 
And the journey home to my bear Cubs… 

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