Can a cold be a gift?

10.21 and I am back in bed.

It feels like I have done a full day already – changed the sheets twice of someone who clearly drank too much before bed…

Willy decides our day is going to start at 5.30am.

Done 30 minutes pilates.

Made breakfast for 3.

Made more beds…

Found missing reading books and driven Tom and a friend to York school.

Listened to an hour of a mind enhancing audiobook as I drive to Leeds.

Got lost.

Dropped off a car in the garage I can never find…

Proof read an email for James 3 times..

Come home in the smelliest taxi in the world with a driver who hawked cigarette phlegm every 10 minutes. (vomit)

I am surrounded by tissues, hot honey & lemon, paracetamol, a plate of toast and homemade bramble jam, two remotes, immunity boosters, FC5 oil and a few good books…

I am probably one of the healthiest people I know – I exercise 4 days a week, pilates most days, I eat a varied and healthy diet and show others how to do the same, I drink vast quantities of water… I am healthy, vibrant and positive the majority of the time.

So why is my nose streaming, my ears blocked and my eyes watering? What did I do to deserve feeling so rotten?

In some books I have read, it says that illness, sickness, disease can come from unhappiness (ie. Disease = dis – ease). We bring it upon ourselves from the negative and sad feelings and thoughts we are having.   So is my snotty nose because I am sad? Because I have suppressed the anguish and sadness of my Mum’s situation – have I been too positive and not looked the sadness in the face and let it out? Should I brave watching Still Alice today in my sick bed and let the tears flow? Something I am not so comfortable about doing…

Or is this just my body telling me to slow down, take a day… You have been looking after everyone, the boys, new school routines, new family chapters, the animals, the car, the food, throwing myself in to my business to make it successful, supporting others to do the same, worrying about my Dad, my sister, my mum. Is my body saying – stop! Slow down! Take a breath… take 5 actually.

So I am back in bed. And here I will stay until the chaos of pick ups starts… including a car pick up today… just for good measure.

It’s 10.51 and blogging is eating in to precious sleeping time, rare TV time… Did someone say Downton had started again? What a treat… my time…. Maybe this cold is a gift?!

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