A very wise person I know, once said that successful people bookend their day with the same routine… Now I thought I had cracked that… pilates at 6am, journalling and gratitudes before I sleep.

Today was bookended with crap.  (Can I say that on a blog?  I would rather say a stronger word but not sure whether it would publish…)

This morning I crept down the stairs, as usual…  looking forward to my time, my peaceful moments in the soft light of the early morning, stretching out my aches and stresses, breathing in quiet.  This morning as I breathed in, I gagged…

It was definitely cat….

10 minutes of hunting, I found it.  And the cat who had been shut in the utility room overnight ( I blame the red wine haze for disguising a grey cat in the dark)…. No cat should be able to produce a length that long… Marigolds, detol and a peg on my nose, in my pj’s, a handful of pooh… I am so glad no one is around to see me.

Now the middle of the day is ok:  yep it was pretty rubbish – crappy to keep with the theme but I distracted myself from the day’s mournful events with a fierce waxing, a fiercer PT session (I am trying to impress a new trainer…), a parents evening and a bowl of delicious stew in my friends fabulous new bar with honest, good friends.

As I leave the bar, I look forward to my other bookend – kisses and snuffles with my boys, burying my face in to their softness, counting my blessings as I slide in to bed to finish my day with reflection, journalling and gratitudes before falling asleep to Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’.

The universe has other plans.. The lights to the house are off and a I trip over a pair of shoes at the door… I pick them up… and for the second time, I gag.

It is definitely dog.

Tonight, I am grateful for marigolds, detol and a peg.

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